Another Ka$h Nexu$ session

Steve & Mick were in again yesterday for some more ideas & tracking. Two songs almost done, another one on the way. A few other ideas happening too, all up a pretty big day.

Today spent working on mixing what we did yesterday, and setting up & testing out some new gear that might just show up on a review one of these days…

Tracking some more vocals

Today Steve from Ka$h Nexu$ turned up to add some vocals to a couple of new songs we’re putting together. These recordings mark a departure from our usual method – we have started recording them without actually playing them together first! So we’ll see how they turn out – they are sounding pretty good so far, but I may be biased!

We also worked a little on a new cover that we may do in the future.

Our first “official” session!

Earlier in the week, we had our first “official” Headlong session. The very versatile Mick tracked some vocals & guitar for Allira’s project, as well as some harmonica on a soon to be released Ka$h Nexu$ track. Then Allira put down some sax as well.

All in all a great afternoon’s work, and a perfect start to the Headlong story!