New album “Radiant Until Midnight”

Radiant Until Midnight

Containing 11 beautifully crafted, uplifting songs, the new album by Melbourne band Tomorrow’s Sky is a perfect blend of alternative folk and rock. Recorded at their practice room, as well as here at Headlong, this album showcases the lyrical writing and tuneful playing of the vocalist Ed, along with Tom (drums), Burak (guitar), and Ross (myself) on bass and harmonies.

Mixed to accentuate the immediacy of the songs, we think you’ll love this one!

Radiant Until Midnight
Tomorrow’s Sky – Radiant Until Midnight

The Great Direct Box Comparison

DI comparison

One piece of gear that’s oft used but seldom thought about is the Direct Box, or D.I. Box. This invaluable device is used for everything from bass guitar to keyboards, and can make a huge difference to your recordings.

So Sweetwater decided to do a comparison of some of the more popular D.I.s and post the results on their website. And what they found may surprise you…