New album: “Things Will Be Different”

Things Will Be Different

From solid rock, to blues, to soulful ballads, Ka$h Nexu$ can do it all. Go on a trip through the many facets of their music & lyrics, and enjoy the products of our hard work.

Stream “Things Will Be Different” from your favourite streaming service, or purchase it direct from Bandcamp.

Things Will Be Different
Things Will Be Different

New album “Radiant Until Midnight”

Radiant Until Midnight

Containing 11 beautifully crafted, uplifting songs, the new album by Melbourne band Tomorrow’s Sky is a perfect blend of alternative folk and rock. Recorded at their practice room, as well as here at Headlong, this album showcases the lyrical writing and tuneful playing of the vocalist Ed, along with Tom (drums), Burak (guitar), and Ross (myself) on bass and harmonies.

Mixed to accentuate the immediacy of the songs, we think you’ll love this one!

Radiant Until Midnight
Tomorrow’s Sky – Radiant Until Midnight

A great new album from Ka$h Nexu$!

Blood On The Soil

Finally it’s here! This album has been years in the making, but it was worth it! Whether it’s hard-driving rock anthems like “Blood On The Soil”, or sweet lyrical ballads like “The Long Goodbye”, there’s something here for everyone. And don’t forget you get 7 (yes you read that correctly, SEVEN) bonus tracks when you purchase this iconic album!

Recorded, mixed and mastered right here at Headlong, the boys have spent hours fine-tuning this collection of songs exactly how they wanted them. Even to the extent of adding triangle hits on “Beast In Me” (one of the bonus tracks).

So do yourself a favour and at least listen – I’m pretty sure you’ll want to buy a copy after you’ve had a taste!

Disclaimer: I play bass with Ka$h Nexu$