We’re Moving!

Well, it’s been a good year or two, but the time has come for me to move. And because my studio is at home, that means the studio has to move.

Over the next few weeks, my studio and I will be making the move to our new location in Mill Park, in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. I’m moving to a bigger place, but will be sharing, so I will have a little more left over each week, allowing me to continue to provide the very affordable audio services you’re used to.

Unfortunately, it may mean I lose some of my local clients. There aren’t many studios like mine around here, and I feel as though I’m leaving them in the lurch a bit. But hopefully I can help them by putting them in touch with someone else not too far away.

So wish me luck! Hopefully the studio will only be out of action for a few days during the move, and I’ll let everyone know when I’m back!