The only constant in studio life is change!

Just like everything else in life, things in the studio are constantly changing. New gear, new software, new clients.

One major change I’ve made recently is the addition of some sound absorbing panels. I’ve been chugging along quite happily until now, but finally I decided the room needed help. The main problem I’ve been having is with bass reflections, making it hard to get an accurate mix through my Yamaha HS7 monitors. I was also battling with reverb and resonance on my recorded tracks. Neither problem was insurmountable – I have been able to create some great music – but it slowed down my workflow, so I finally decided to do something about it.

Enter Tom Thomson from TomTom Recordings. I saw a post from Tom about some panels he was selling, we got talking, and he said he’s started making sound absorbing panels as part of his business. I decided to get him to make some for me.

So I measured up the room, decided what I needed, and sent Tom the info. A week or 2 later, and here they were, delivered to my door! These are well built, with a wood frame and a solid back. They’re very light, and can be hung from picture hooks no problem at all. I got 2 @ 150mm thick to go in the corners behind my monitors, 2 @ 100mm to go in the opposite corners, and a whole bunch @ 50mm for the walls.

So what’s the verdict? The difference is so huge it’s gonna take me a while to re-train my ears! The music sounds substantially different through those monitors, much cleaner and easier to hear all the little details. And I’ve only recorded a couple of guitar & vocal tracks, but the difference is like night and day – I can hear the difference just talking in the studio compared to other rooms!

So if you’re thinking about doing this, my advice is don’t hesitate, do it today! And if you are in Melbourne, consider contacting TomTom Recordings to get them custom made, you won’t regret it!

Thanks Tom, 10/10!