Just how bad is Uncle Sam??

This is the latest rockin’ release from our friends Ka$h Nexu$, about the criminal charade of the U.S. ruling elites and their stooges.

The rhythm section was again programmed, with vocals provided by Mick & Steve. This video also introduces drummer/guitarist Greg, a new member of Ka$h Nexu$. The video was recorded at various locations by Deb & Ross, and edited by Ross here at Headlong.

You can download this song, as well as all their other original music, at BandCamp.

From the boys:

The U.S. ruling elites and their stooges in both establishment political parties are not only trying to stomp on the peoples of other countries, but also the U.S. working class and poverty stricken, in order to gain, through military means, it’s economic hegemony once again. This process is leading mankind to the brink of a Third World Nuclear holocaust. While doing this they try to convey a false veneer of defending the rights of everyone on the planet. What a criminal charade.