That live sound…

Ka$h Nexu$ are back to their rocky best – but this time with a twist!

The Jethro Tull classic “Locomotive Breath” usually starts with a flute solo, but I though that didn’t really suit the recording we’d made, with lots of heavy guitars, and Steve’s massive vocal. So I added an intro on the Hammond with some great licks by Mick, but still felt it was missing something. Wouldn’t you know it, that day I just happened to watch some of AC/DC Live at Donnington, and came up with the idea to add some live crowd sounds.

So, with a pumping kick drum, I found some good crowd sounds, and started editing. In the end I added 3 separate tracks, one with the “background” screaming and general noise, another one with the crescendo when the main riff comes in, and a 3rd with the clapping in time with the kick drum. Obviously it was difficult to find one at exactly the same tempo, so I had to manipulate one to fit. I also didn’t want it to sound mechanical, and knowing how audiences are rarely able to keep exactly in time, I added some randomness to it. And the boys liked the result so we went with it.

But then we had to do a video. We decided early on that would be mostly footage of the band, and ended recording it in the backyard. The lip sync footage was done in 3 takes, and we also did some random shots to portray the “madness”. I added some locomotive shots, and the crowd shots at the start (mostly from the AC/DC video), and here is the result: