Do you always use pitch correction for vocals?

A recent poll on Pro Tools Expert showed that tuned vocals are becoming preferable to a lot of people. I use Waves Tune on most of my vocal tracks.

What about you? Do you prefer the raw, un-tuned vocal sound? Or does the slightest pitch anomaly sound like dragging your fingernail down a chalk-board?

I’ve found that harmony vocals especially can be greatly enhanced with a little (or in some cases, a lot) of pitch correction. I tend to use it fairly conservatively on lead vocals though – leaving in a lot of the small misses and setting the correction speed fairly slow.

But even in live gigs I’ve found myself occasionally wishing the singer was using correction. I guess for me it’s become just another way to enhance the musical experience, like a guitarist uses a distortion pedal. And if we prefer the vocals that way, why not exploit that?

So just relax, sing as well as you can, and let the sound engineer perform their magic!