Melbourne’s independent media

Independent media in Melbourne are doing it tough. It’s always a tough business, but lately, general belt-tightening has caused funding for organisations like Channel 31, 3CR, RRR FM etc to fall off a cliff.

And none have it worse that Australian Musicians Radio. Run on a shoe-string, by a small group of independent music enthusiasts, it’s a day-to-day proposition keeping the station alive. So AMR are asking for people to help. If you have a little extra, go check out their GoFundMe campaign, but even if you can’t help financially, just go and listen to their shows! There’s a list of upcoming shows on their website, and in between you can listen to the Mega Mix, a huge random playlist of local talent.

So whether you want the crazy randomness of T.K.O.S. (That Kind Of Show), the great mixes of Smooth Tony, or live broadcasts from all over the state, just go and listen! And say “Yes!” to local independent media.