How many plug-ins do you actually use?

Being an “in-the-box” studio, we here at Headlong Studio have accumulated a fairly large collection of plug-ins. AAX, VST, VST3, LV2, you name it, we have ’em all!

But how many actually get used? Well admittedly, there are some “go-to” plug-ins that get used a whole lot more than the others, but generally they all see some use, because most were acquired for a specific purpose, and anytime a similar need arises, they’ll get a try.

But we probably do have a few that have never been used – they may have been included in a package deal – “50% off any extra plug-in!” or similar.

So how many plug-ins do you have? How many do you actually use? This article from The DIY Recording Studio discusses the potential pitfalls of Plug-In Acquisition Syndrome.

Free Plug-Ins Are A Gateway Drug